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 About Us
Zümrüt Cam, serving since 1981 in Denizli, increases its product variety every year. We are proud of the point where we stand today as Zümrüt Art of Glass.
In glass sector which we became a part of by our artistic stained glass techniques, we presented Turkish fusing to the likes of Turkey and the world, bringing experience and technology together in 4000 square-meters of indoor area through our high capacity of production.
We would like to thank you for your great interest to the products of Denizli’s producer Zümrüt Art of Glass Company.

 Products and Services

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 Contact Information
Name and Address:Zümrüt Cam - Zümrüt Art Of Glass
Acıpayam Karayolu üzeri 13. km
Cankurtaran DENİZLİ 20295 Türkiye
Main Contact Person:Manager - Ahmet Gözüaçık
Telephone:+90 258 276 54 30-31
Web Pages:http://www.zumrutcam.com.tr
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