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We are one of manufacturer and exporter spcecializing in semi-precious stone series product  .with more than  20 years history. The product have developed  into  incorporate  manufacture  sales into one organic whole. The products mainly  include the following categories including  Ring ,Bracelet .Carving .Pendant.Fountain . As well as gold and silver plating product. ETC, Most of them are  exported to foreign countries. including European-american countries. Mid east .Australian.ETC,especially  enjoying  a good market in North American.things  about ourself , If you take interest in some of  our  item ,please feel free to let us know .we will do our best to serve you .

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Semi precious stone jewelry


Country: China

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Name and Address:Wang tat art and craft factory
Shui bian sima industrial zone hengli
Dong guan   China
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