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 About Us

Rom A.Ş is one the leading manufacturers in the lubricants and car care products industry in Turkey. Rom A.Ş produces "ROM" branded car care products and also provides custom production for Wynn's Belgium, Castrol BP,  Pennzoil and many other brands overseas. In its plants, OPET and VALVOLINE lubricants are blended. Other services provided by Rom A.Ş for the industry includes storage services in bulk or packed.  OPET and ROM branded products are exported to many countries in Europe , Middle East, Africa and Asia. Rom A.Ş is also the authorized distributor of  VALVOLINE and WYNN's products. Rom A.Ş Quality Management Sytem has attained ISO 9001: 2000 Certification  




 Products and Services

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 Contact Information
Name and Address:Rom Madeni Yağ ve Katıkları San. Tic. ve Mak. AŞ.
A.O.S.B 10006 Sokak No:12
Çiğli İzmir 35620 Türkiye
Main Contact Person:Export Manager - Gökhan TEZSEZENER
Telephone:+90 232 376 7838
Fax:+90 232 376 7839
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