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POLYSORB Ltd. produces: ACTIVATED CARBON - Correspond to The Specialized Standard 408623943 Specific surface according to BET: 1000¸1200 m▓/g Pores volume (mercurious porometry): ≈0,7 cm│/g Granulometry 0¸10 mm (and at customer will) Fields of application: * Medicine; * Food Processing Industry; * Chemical and Metallurgic Industry; * Purifying systems for water treatment that consists oils, phenols, paints, cyanides, rhodanides; * Metal extraction (lead, zinc, copper, tin) from waste and drinkable waters. CHAMBER ELECTRIC CURRENT RESISTANCE OVENS The chamber electric current resistance ovens are applied universally for metal thermal treatment, different materialsĺ baking as well as laboratory testing. It is executed in three different forms: Through microprocessor programming unit; Through digital thermal regulator; Through ECPA type analogue thermal regulator.

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Name and Address:POLYSORB Ltd.
12 Iskarsko shose blvd.
Drujba I district
Sofia  1592 Bulgaria
Main Contact Person:managing director - eng.Magdalena Petrunova MSc
Telephone:+359 2 79 70 68
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