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We are a manufacture of producting Metal Powder and Cemented carbide, Such  as: Cr3C2, Chromium Carbide, TiC, Titanium Carbide, VC, Vanadium Carbide, Cr, Chrome Powder,  Al, Aluminum, Nickle powder, Ni, Cobalt powder, Co,

Powdered metal tools:  Insert, Tips, STB Blanks, Drawing Dies, Cutters and Shims, ....

Ammonium Perrhenate     (NH4ReO4)

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Product Details
Ammonium Perrhenate, NH4ReO4, Perrhenic Acid, VC, TiC, Cr3C2,TaC, Nu, Al


Country: China

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Main Contact Person:Cr3C2, TiC, VC, TaC, NbC, Cr, AL, NH4ReO4 - Daniel.Lee
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