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My Name is Harry Thwaite - I have been in trading now for over 30 years and have buily up a VERY extensive network of contacts.

My main business is in the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil industry - with a very few select traders, I am able to offer and process orders and sales to government oil companies, oil majors, refineries, and major oil traders. our group also has a number of projects inthe oil sector that include supply of rigs, offers of oil blocks, projects for refineries.

I also have direct connection to most suppliers of commodities such as Urea, Sugar, Steel, Aluminium, Scrap, Food products, Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) New luxury cars, Olive Oil, Clothes (both designer clothes and non-branded) and many other potentially proftable direct connections.

Please let me know what your needs are and with a few exceptions, I am sure our group can provide what is required.

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A 4 Copy Paper


Country: Netherlands

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Clothes - Designer Clothes


Country: Netherlands

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 Contact Information
Name and Address:Harry Thwaite - Consultant
Arneberglaan 63
Breda Brabant 4824r Netherlands
Main Contact Person:Manager Sales and Procurement - H.Thwaite
Web Pages:http://thwaite.en.ec21.com and http://candlesnow.en.ec21.com
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