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 About Us

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter producing new product in private healthcare product and hospital professional product. Now, by using a carbon material, we could produce the new item of ZEPPER-81 that is combined low frequency stimulator with carbon heater. We are sure that our product will give customer higher effect than existing T.E.N.S. products. We are confidence of superior material quality and innovative design for our product. To advance our product quality, we are in take charge of researching, servicing and manufacturing of ourselves overall. And we are ready to enter in global market with the best product.

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Name and Address:Medizen Co., Ltd
Wonju Med. Inst. Indus. Park 2-Dong 1720-26 Taejang,
Wonju  Gangwon 220-1 Korea, South
Main Contact Person:Marketing Director - Mr. Don O Choi
Telephone:+82 33 7480206
Fax:+82 33 7480705
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