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Specialized in industrial oils, greases and chemicals, Gurpet Oil Co.  has been serving the automotive and many other industries since 2003.  The Company produces  a diverse range of quality products including  diesel engine oils, gasoline engine oils, engine protector/economizers, antifreeze/coolants, hydraulic brake fluids, transmission oils, gear oils, industrial lubricants and greases.  Based in Izmir Turkey,  the Company has earned a good reputation in the national market  for its  Gur-Oil  branded products which have superior performance and protective features.  Its team of chemists and blenders formulate using only the finest base oils and additives, resulting in high quality products.  Committed to the quality and customer satisfaction, Gurpet Oil  Co.has been awarded ISO 9001: 2000 Certification

The Company recently introduced PROTECT A,  a new  engine protector/economizer , which contains added ingredients that improves adherance of oil, film between piston rings and cylinder walls , protecting vital engine components against wear.  PROTECT A has the following superior features:

Provides extra anti-wear agents and corrosion inhibitors.
Strengthens resistance to extreme temperatures.
Reduces oil consumption and motor wear in old engines.
Keeps all vital engine parts clear.
Ideal for all gasoline, diesel fuel and L.P.G.motors with or without turbo.
Compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils.

Gurpet Oil Co. also produces  alcoholes, glycols, glycol ethers, acetates, chloride hydrocarbons, ketones, thinners, essences, glycerine and paraffin .

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Protect A Engine Protective


Country: Türkiye

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GP-1001 Diesel Motor Oils-Energy Prorus 5W/30


Country: Türkiye

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