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 About Us
Summit Int. represents a variety of Korean manufacturing companies for exports and also import for our wholesale customers. We are the one stop representatives for several manufacturers in Korea, and are always looking for new product to add to our list. Currently we have specialized Items such as: Air-conditioners, Nano-silver product for healthcare, Soap, shampoo and detergent, Portable electronic sterilizer for both indoor and outdoor usage, Electronic sterilizing water generator newly developed based on advanced tech. With large capacity of water flow for big facilities, Rear view system for SUV, Mobile satelite antenna for auto vehicles, Multi-controlled digital doorlock, Korea’s most famous traditional pear and ginger liquor “Leegangju” and more.

 Products and Services

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 Contact Information
Name and Address:Summit International Inc.
Sungil BLDG #303, 496-23 Sungjuk-dog, Jangan,
Suwon Gyunggi  Korea, South
Main Contact Person:Representative Overseas - Jannie Naude
Telephone:+82 31 2589377
Fax:+82 31 2589398
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