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 About Us

Esen Foreign Trade Co. is involved in the production of zeolite and other products obtained from this mineral in the company's own quarry in Manisa Gordes. The brands and the properties of the products are :
*Klinomin: Used as soil conditioner and additive for fertilizers in agriculture
*Klinosen: Used as feed additive in animal husbandry
*Odolite: Used as odor and oil eliminator in many industrial applications
*Zeokler: Used as filter material in water treatment

Zeolite has high ion change capacity, ability to absorb gas, water and oil, thermal stability even at high temperatures( 700 C) and be used as molecular filter. Because of these superior properties, zeolite utilization areas are increasing. Esen Foreign Trade Co. continues its production and export  activities in this field, inviting cooperation with other related companies.   

 Products and Services

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Name and Address:Esen Dış Tic. Gıda Tekstil Plastik Mak.Maden San. Tic. A.Ş.
AOSB 10032 Sokak No:18
Çiğli İzmir 35620 Türkiye
Main Contact Person:Export Manager - Toygar SÜMER
Telephone:+90 232 328 2909
Fax:+90 232 328 2915
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