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 About Us

Our company has been established as a personal enterprise Zafer Ergen,  in 1989. Starting form 1994, it has changed its status to limited company.  In the early years of our business, we have been trading in textile chemicals. Then we have added new chemicals to our product portfolio and with our chemical engineers  we have started to provide sales and technical services for our customers in leather, detergents, cosmetics and packaging industries

Our scope of activities has enlarged from trading to the production of some leather chemicals . We aim to develop our production in Atatürk Organized Industrial Area and grow our business.


 Products and Services

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 Contact Information
Name and Address:Ergen Kimya San. Ltd. Şti.
364/10 Sokak No:2/4
Bornova İzmir 35100 Türkiye
Main Contact Person:General Manager - Zafer ERGEN
Telephone:+90 232 461 8098
Fax:+90 232 486 7728
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