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Established in 1999, RICHCHEM INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD (a.k.a. RICHCHEM) is a large enterprise under the direct control of the chemical and petrochem group in liaoning province. Its predecessor is liaoning Chemicals Import & Export Corporation. Richchem’s core business is as follows: petroleum, fertilizer, trade, distribution and logistics of chemicals, crude oil, fuel oil and natural rubber futures; overseas oil & gas exploitation and production, refinery, chemical mining & washing, fertilizer & chemicals production; hotel & real estate development and operation. Richchem is one of major state-owned oil companies and the largest fertilizer importer and phosphorus and compound fertilizer manufacturer in LIAONING. It is also LIAONING’s major sales and marketing service provider of chemical products. The brand name of RICHCHEM is accredited as Famous Brand and enjoys worldwide prestige.

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Price: 200

Country: China

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Mono-Ammonium Phosphate MAP

Price: 217

Country: China

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