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Our factory is a profession manufacture electricity hot-water bottle, electroform warm treasure, bake shoes utensil wait for small electrical appliances de enterprise, be a profession manufacture household appliance product de enterprise. Have ten many a year abundant manufacture experience, technology's equipment advanced, technology's strength rich. Use professional equipment and technology develop come out a series of health care electricity warm bag and health care keep warm by appliance, since product come out since, as its beautiful designer, durable quality, reasonable price acquire businessman de unanimously favorable comment, feel deeply consumer de appreciation. With big brand's enterprise all the time have good cooperate comrade relation.   
    Company high power import advanced technology and profession's talent, meanwhile continual enlarge technological transformation investment, add to one's possessions number's cycle domestic and abroad advanced die, punch's equipment, high power implode product line and excellent checkout equipment. Have powerful technology's strength, meanwhile contract to do a job new product development, be like contract to do a job plastic touch have manufacture, plastic's product process business, specific new product develop manufacture and so on project. And try one's best continue carve out all sorts of's new product. 
    Already by international's quality's system certification, country CQC certification. Already acquire many a quality, system certification. Many a technology acquire appearance, utility model's technology. 
     This' department in line with' quality 1, reputation paramountcy "de tenet supply top-grade service, conviction "quality forever is 1 elements ", "science and technology melt, serve melt, internationalization "be our unremitting seek de aim. Be new old consumer supply high quality after service. Supply OEM business. Hope become world every place businessman de OEM base. In line with' quality 1, reputation paramountcy "de tenet supply top-grade service, enthusiastic field welcome domestic and abroad world of industry and commerce consumer purchase order, will let we joint hands altogether create good tomorrow. 

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Name and Address:Cixi city's long river's town's hao tian's electric appliances
Cixi city's long river's town's hao tian's electri
cixi    China
Main Contact Person: - Electroform hot-water bottle; electroform warm treasure; hot-water bottle; bake shoes utensil; plast
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