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Challenging R&D Manufacturer of WELLBEING natural health drink and global scale brand marketer of world first Herb Energy Drink under the company philosophy for human oriented bio technologies, back to the Green Nature

Cheers Drink is a great achievement in health energy drink history as the first natural herb based, totally sound, safe and completely beneficial health beverage, capable of inhibiting and relieving high alcohol consumption post effects, quenching the severe thirst instantly, waking you up fresher in the morning aroused mentally and physically.  It has very excellent dietary health boosting effects that assists your body's detoxification and purification processes by stimulating urination, digestion, perspiration and activating general organic (most notably, hepatic) functions. You will feel a generalized sensation of well-being, relief from constipation and water retention, all the side effects related to alcoholic consumption and decelerated hepatic metabolism. More details available at

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Absolute Hangover-Cure Energy Drink

Price: 1

Country: Korea, South

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