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Our corporation is an international company specializing in R&D, production and international trade of pharmaceutical chemicals, intermediates, biochemicals and other chemicals. Our main business includes two area: one is sourcing chemicals-pharmaceuticals, intermediates and other fine chemicals, especially those hard-to-find and new ones; the other is customer synthesis. Our business:International trade- Firstly we are a trader and act as a bridge on chemicals between the china manufacturers and the buyers. As your sourcing agent in China, we focus on the area of fine chemicals and are familiar with many manufacturers in China. Our experience and knowledge make us unique on sourcing, especially for those hard-to-find and new ones. Also we are working here to guarantee the quality and shipment.Customer manufacturing- This is our developing business. Maybe what you are looking for canít be found in China, we can synthesize for you with the satisfactory prices and quality. We have two allied factories and have produced several fine chemicals including pharmaceutical chemicals, intermediates and others.To offer better service for our customers and further development, we have established our own R&D center and production bases.Our customers are in the Europe and American and also include some famous chemical companies such as Dow, Degussa. Rohdia,SK etc..

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