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 About Us

Elektral, joint stock company being founded in 1978 by Mr. Sayil Dincsoy M.Sc. and manufacture various hi-TECH products worldwide under ISO 9001:2000 procedures, for security, environment and public. Main products are walk-through metal detectors & hand-held metal detectors, X-ray scanners, ultrasonic pest repellents, gas detectors, vending machines (for beverage/snack, condoms, blood pressure, newspapers, cigarettes etc. or custom designs), environmental noise controllers, air ionizers, photocell twilight switches and bimetal thermostats. These products are being exported directly or indirectly.

Integrated facilities located in Ataturk Industrial Zone-Izmir, Turkey; include R&D activities with a successful team, sheet metal processing, molding, plastic injection, metal forming and electrostatic powder painting facilities, electronics and electromechanical departments and production lines with approximately 8500m2 closed production area.
Established co-operations, partnerships with companies from Germany, UK, and India etc. develop worldwide marketing, OEM/ODM services for no-name supplies. Such inquiries are appreciated.

Elektral Businesspool GmbH in Essen/Germany is contributing to this process as a recent branch. 

Elektral A.S is being awarded in 2004 as ;
1. “Highest Growth in Export (Star) in e-export”: 1st prize by                        
     AKBANK, DHL and economy pres-DUNYA consortium.

2. Aegean Chamber of Industry
a. Highest growth in electronic employment in region,
b. R&D award,
c. Company’s 26th anniversary.

3. TUBITAK-The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey ;
    Award of aprx. 250.000 US$ in appreciation of R&D efforts in 2004. 

Elektral continue its R&D and productions believing a real expansion will only be possible with
*Quality, international norms
*No necessity for after sale services

 Products and Services

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Product Details
ThruScan Hand Held Metal Detectors ThruScan, dX, dX-X


Country: Türkiye

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Product Details
Metal Detectors - Smart Walk Through Metal Detector ThruScan sX


Country: Türkiye

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 Contact Information
Name and Address:Elektral Elektromekanik San. Tic. A.S.
Ataturk Industrial Zone
M.K.Ataturk Blv.23
Cigli Izmir 35620 Türkiye
Main Contact Person:President - M.Sc.E.E. - Sayil DINCSOY - Erdem Dincsoy
Telephone:+90 232 376 7300pbx
Fax:+90 232 376 7030
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